Day 1: The Idea of Writing This Book:


~ happening to catch the truck that cleans the Port-A-Potties in the Transportation Network Provider lot and being ridiculously happy about it. Realizing the importance of the sweet simple things in life all because of walking into a freshly cleaned Port-A-Pottie!


~ getting frustrated when I realized my passenger wasn’t going to the airport like I thought. Turning that frustration into appreciation when I recognized that I made a new friend.

~ waiting over an hour for a ride that I ended up canceling. Turning negatives into positives and spending quality time walking my puppy, Simply.


~ rolling down my window, turning off the radio, and allowing the world to be my entertainment.


~running 15 minutes late for work, but having a wonderfully close relationship with my client that it was no big deal. 


~ having my hair gently played with by my client who has Autism (and is typically a little rough).



Day 58:  The Musical Ferry Ride From Cozumel To Playa Del Carmen



~ eating fresh fruit and drinking coffee for breakfast.


~ feeling weightless in a hammock for the first time.


~ renting a car with my Australian friends to drive around the Island of Cozumel!


~ driving in a 1991 convertible, along the Cozumel coast and hitting up random beaches with my new friends. Feeling completely free riding alongside the ocean. 


~ experiencing the most amazing authentic guacamole from a local restaurant.


~ all of the fun catching up to one of my new friends, which results in us taking him back to the hostel. Recognizing the silver lining in that I got to use his charger for my phone that had died.


~ asking locals for chicle (gum) in broken Spanish. 


~ being entranced by my new friends' effortless playing of his guitar while we waited on the ferry to Playa Del Carmen.


~ feeling the amazing energy of Playa Del Carmen at night.


~ attending the most lit rooftop party at the hostel and meeting  so many free spirited people.

Coming Soon!


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